MAF InfoCom™ Launches MAF MyS4B™ individual insight in call quality, user adoption and productivity for Skype for Business users

In addition to MAF ICIMS™ the successful reporting solution for Skype for Business, MAF InfoCom™ now launches MAF MyS4B™.

With this latest development MAF MyS4B™ delivers Skype for Business users visibility of their own call quality, user adoption and productivity through dashboards, user maps and reports resulting in a reduction of workload for the IT department, an increase in employee productivity and user adoption and a reduction in call costs and employee abuse.

It is simply accessed via the Skype for Business client and is a very simple and useful app for any Skype for Business user.

And the best thing of all, it comes free with MAF ICIMS™.

Information & Contact:

Questions about MAF MyS4B™ Skype for Business Reporting? Call us at +3172-8200205 or mail

The MAF InfoCom™ Sales Team