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MAF ICIMS™ provides insight in all aspects of Unified Communications: Voice, Video, Instant Messaging, Conference Calls, File transfers and Shared applications.

Monitoring Analytics & Reporting for Microsoft Teams & Unified Communications and Collaboration Solutions


MAF ICIMS™ is a powerfull reporting and analytics solution for Microsoft Teams and other Unified Communication platforms. It allows you to gain valuable business and technical insights through its reports, daily dashboards and historical trend monitors. MAF ICIMS™ Analytics and Call Reporting for Microsoft Teams is suitable for companies of all sizes from a single site to multi-site multinationals.

Unified Communications and Collaboration Dashboard

With a near real-time snapshot view (updated every 60 seconds) of Unified Communication usage the various dashboards show User Adoption, Employee Productivity, Call Quality and Cost information. Enjoy the flexibility of a user experience the way you want it, customize the position of dashboards and what information is displayed. Filters can be applied to ensure that only relevant information is displayed. Click through reporting produces detailed reports directly from the dashboard user interface.

MAF ICIMS Unified Communications Reporting Dashboard
Why you will love MAF ICIMS™

Stacked With Features

  • Outstanding analytics and reporting
  • Track and manage usage trends, quality, productivity and costs
  • Delivery from the cloud or on-prem
  • Installed in hours, not days or weeks
  • Supports multiple data sources
  • For UC&C platforms, Gateways/SBCs and Trading platforms
  • Fully automated reporting
  • Flexible reporting allowing you to specify filters and format of the reports
  • Report assistant guiding you through the report process
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Simple to use searching, quick access to relevant information
  • Conference call map
  • Queue and Response Group map
  • User details map
  • Call detail map
  • Dialed/received number map
  • Historical trend monitors
  • AD synchronization
  • Security polices allowing role based access at feature and organization level
  • Instant alerts based on call quality, productivity and costs
  • Upload an unlimited number of carrier call tariff tables
  • Reduce abuse and time theft
  • Easier cost management
  • Save money, increase productivity and grow customer satisfaction
  • Increase User Adoption
  • Capacity Planning
  • Fraud prevention and detection
  • Highlight areas for further education and training
  • Quantify ROI in deployment of UC&C
  • Manage Call Quality
  • Route cause analysis and rectification
  • View use of none approved devices
  • Drill down into detail on subnets, locations and users
  • Improve Productivity
  • Visibility of call volumes, answer times, talk duration and KPIs
  • Detailed analysis of SIP trunk utilization
Unified Communications and Collaboration Reporting
Ad-hoc and scheduled reporting

Unified Communications and Collaboration Reports

All reports can be scheduled to run automatically or generated on a one-off basis. Delivery is typically via email or saved to disk and can be in a variety of formats such as Excel, PDF or CSV. Standard report templates are available or custom reports can be easily built to show user adoption, employee productivity, call quality, cost and more. It is easy to brand the reports with companies logo’s and color scheme.

Systems that we support

Are we compatible?

MAF InfoCom™ solutions are compatible with all leading Unified Communications & Collaborations platforms from Microsoft®, Cisco®, Avaya®, Mitel®, Alcatel-Lucent®, Unify® and many others. MAF InfoCom™ solutions are also compatible with all leading Communications Session Border Controllers (SBC’s) and Gateways from Audiocodes®, Ribbon Communications®, Thinktel®, Oracle®, TE-SYSTEMS® and supports trading turrets and dealer boards from Etrali®, IPC® and Speakerbus®.

Systems compatibel with MAF InfoCom Products
SBC's Compatibel with MAF ICIMS Reporting
MAF ICIMS supported trading turrets and dealer boards
Make the most out of your investment

Insight in all UC&C aspects

Response Groups, Hunt groups, Call Queues, Voice, Incoming Calls, Outgoing Calls, Internal Calls, User Adoption, Call Quality, Capacity, Productivity, IM, Video, Conferences, User Adoption, Screen Share and File Transfer and much more to make the most out of your investment in UC&C, Gateways or SBCs and Trading platforms.

So you don't have to stay awake

Real Time Alarms

Within MAF ICIMS™ it is possible to set up as many system alarms as you require. The alarm is instantly delivered by email and immediate action can be taken. Other alarms can be set on cost, duration and call quality. Using the budget feature you can even set a monthly cost or duration threshold on an extension.


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