Tracking and managing phone numbers in Excel is inefficient and time consuming

Frustrated of Number Management by Spreadsheet?

No more with MAF NMS™

If you are still trying to manage multiple DID/DDI ranges by spreadsheets MAF NMS™ DID/DDI Phone Number Management System can help save you time and money, increasing efficiency and ensuring the highest level of service delivery.

MAF NMS™ DID/DDI Phone Number Management for Voice & UC systems


MAF NMS™ helps you track and manage your phone numbers (DIDs, DDI’s, directory numbers, extensions, and voice mailbox numbers) with the greatest of ease without the frustration. MAF NMS™ DID/DDI Number Management gives you all the number management data you need in one place. No more managing ranges by spreadsheets as MAF NMS™ DID/DDI  Management gives a single point of management where adds/moves/changes can take place saving time and reducing the risk element. MAF NMS™ Phone Number Management System is the ideal extension range manager and is UC/PBX Vendor platform independent.

Single Pane View

MAF NMS™ DID/DDI Phone Number Management

Tracking and management of DID/DDI phone numbers and extensions ranges can be very time consuming. MAF NMS™ Number Management System delivers a single pane of glass view and automation of manual tasks resulting in reduced costs and risks and improved business processes.

With MAF NMS™ managing phone numbers and DID management is no longer challenging.

MAF NMS DID DDI Number Management System
Why you will love MAF NMS™

Stacked With Features

  • Single pane of glass view on all DID ranges
  • UC&C platform independent
  • Compatible with every UC, PBX and voice messaging system
  • Manage unlimited numbers and formats
  • Quick and simple installation and configuration
  • Easily see if numbers are in use or available, or reserved (hold time)
  • Security policies allowing role based access
  • View of top 20 DID ranges by top % of range allocation
  • Graphical view of allocated DID’s
  • Created a new DID range easily
  • Allocate available DID’s
  • Assign DDI’s and Extensions to employees
  • Support for PowerShell scripts such as ‘Find next available DID in range’
  • Identification of rogue (allocated) DID’s
  • Create DID ranges automatically or manually
  • Auto generate ranges through combining sequential and unallocated DID’s
  • Automatic update of DID ranges through integration with Active Directory
  • Pro-active alerts when ranges get to a user defined % of capacity
  • Set DID hold time from when it becomes available until it can be re-allocated
  • Reserve DID’s until a user defined date
Easily track and manage DID/DDI numbers in Microsoft Teams. MAF NMS™ provides more clarity for Microsoft Teams number provisioning

Number Management and Provisioning for Microsoft Teams

  • Number provisioning, outside of the Teams admin portal
  • Select relevant Teams phone system license to be activated for employees
  • Bulk provisioning of Microsoft Teams DIDs
  • Manage unlimited numbers and formats
  • Allocated DID verification
  • Easily see if numbers are in use or available, or reserved (hold time)
  • Pro-active alerts when a range is reaching capacity
  • Support for direct routing, Teams calling plans and operator connect
MAF NMS DID DDI NumberManagement System
MAF NMS DID Range Number Management system


Number Management System – A Quick Look

MAF NMS DID range number management system - deeper lock


A deeper look