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Q: How does your application retrieve the agents assigned to a RGS group?

Q: How do you detect if an agent belongs to several RGS?

Q: Can I see with MAF ICIMS if people were logged-on or how many people where available for the call or do I need MAF ICIMS CC for that?

Q: Do you use UCMA and/or MSPL for your tool?

Q: What are Federated Calls in Skype for Business?

Q: What files do you use for Skype for Business Reporting?

LcsCDR is for all details about the calls.

LcsLog is for instant messages content (is called archiving and can be enabled or not).

QoEMetrics is the database from where we get the quality information.

Rgsdyn and rgsconfig are the database for response groups and we get all the live data info from here for response groups.

For user presence we use UCMA API from Microsoft.

Q: How often is the call reporting data refreshed in case of Skype Online, O365 or Teams?

Q: What files do you use for Cisco Reporting?

Q: What does Extension with Activity means in the reports?

Q: How is your cloud security and are you ISO 27001 certified?

Q: Do you support authentication with active directory?

Q: Where is your application build in?

It is built with ASP.NET and HTML5 with an SQL.

Q: Is your Call Recording Solution MAF UCR compliant with Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)?

Q: Can I report on external participants in a conference?