New release MAF ICIMS™ V3.00046

With a constant focus on the user-friendliness of our solutions, we have again added some nice improvements and cool extra features. These new features are there to help network and system administrators. They ensure that the UC user experience is at the highest possible level and the investment made in UC delivers the expected business benefits.

MAF ICIMS™ Version 3.00046 provides quick access to call quality details from Skype for Business. This helps the IT staff to quickly identify and resolve problems with the call quality, the used device, the network (IP, jitter, MOS etc.).

For companies that use the Response Group functionality of Skype for Business, we have developed the Response Group Map that provides a performance summary for a selected Response Group over a user-defined time range.

With MAF MyS4B™, all users can access MAF ICIMS™ directly from the Skype for Business app for their personal Skype for Business reporting and insight into their own call quality, user adoption, productivity and call costs via dashboards, monitors, and reports. Because users can easily view this information themselves, the workload of the IT helpdesk considerably reduces, it reduces abuse, resulting in lower call costs and higher productivity.

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