Microsoft Teams Graph API for reporting

Update: 2020 February 25th
Good news, we are beta testing the Microsoft Teams Reporting and things are looking good. We can’t tell but expect the Microsoft Graph API for Reporting to be released shortly.

Update: 2019 September 12th
We now support Teams PSTN calling. It will not show internal or federated calls but it does show the (for most customers) most important stuff (Call volumes, answer times, missed calls, talk time and the like). Please contact us if we can assist someone with this.

Unfortunately for all those wanting to report on Microsoft Teams we are still waiting for MS to release the Teams Graph API.

Where we normally tent to have good news now this is not the case. Microsoft has migrated many Office365 customers to Teams and many organizations are momentarily looking at Teams as a serious alternative for their communication infrastructure.

And they have gold in hand because let’s be honest, Teams is great. But what is not so great is that we still can’t report on Teams.

Reporting on incoming traffic, call queues and customer waiting times are most important Unified Communications reports. Always been and always will. Of course call quality, user adoption etc. is also very important but number one reason to adopt a reporting solution is the above.

So at the moment you can’t do this with Teams. We will keep you updated via this website and social media. You can also drop us an email and we will put you on the list to be informed as soon as Microsoft released the Teams API.

For now fingers crossed and Microsoft … pretty please…

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