Microsoft Teams Real Time Call Queue and Auto Attendants Wallboards, Presence and Reporting

Hello everyone, Let’s start with some exciting news!

Microsoft Teams REAL TIME Call Queue, Auto Attendant & Presence Wallboards and Reporting

We now made available Real Time Wallboards, Presence and Reporting for Microsoft Teams in MAF ICIMS CC, the real time add-on module to MAF ICIMS.

If you are using Microsoft Teams including Call Queues and Auto Attendants, MAF ICIMS CC now supports live presence reporting and call statistics.

What does this include?

  • Microsoft Teams active calls monitor
  • Microsoft Teams Agents logged on monitor
  • Microsoft Teams Available agents monitor
  • Microsoft Teams Presence status displayed in a dashboard to which filters can be applied
  • Customizable threshold values

Live Precence for Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams Live Call Queues Wallboard

That is not the only news; we have developed another useful feature!

Queues Filtering on dashboards

There is now the availability of Queue filtering on relevant monitors for Microsoft Teams presence. Allowing you to show exactly the information which is relevant to you.

Microsoft Teams Queues Filtering on dashboards

As always we offer 30 day free trial installations. Feel free to contact us, happy to set this up for you.


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