MAF ICIMS™ release notes October 2018, integration with Teams and Amazon Connect

Good news, we have made some major enhancements including integration with TEAMS and Amazon Connect.

You can download the release notes from the documentation page, but to summarise:

All modules have a new ‘skin’ bringing the look and feel more in line with the latest trends, new icons and software pastel colours on the dashboards.

Integration with Teams
Integration with Amazon Connect
Integration with IPC Dealer Boards
Integration with Etrali Dealer Boards
CODIE – AI reporting Bot
Cloud Security
Various reports enhancements to the report builder and report designer
Call Quality Index
System Monitor now shows call quality for multiple data sources used in hybrid environments

New Response Groups Statistics dashboard

MAF NMS (DDI Range Manager)
Verify ranges vs. carrier supplied details
Rogue DDI’s identification and reporting (DDI’s not allocated to a range)
Auto DDI range generation

Updates are as always for free and for no charge we will also run a 30 minute session after the update to run over the new features

Information & Contact:

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The MAF InfoCom™ Sales Team