MAF ICIMS™ Skype for Business User Adoption Map

We have released a Skype for Business User Adoption Map as part of the standard functionality available with MAF ICIMS™, thanks to those that gave us your ideas for this. It is V 1.0 so if you would like to feedback any thoughts or ideas at this point please feel free to do so.

The Skype for Business User Adoption Map is used to show trends of Skype for Business User Adoption, uptake of Enterprise Voice and Active Users vs. Skype for Business Licences (consumption) over a defined period of time. Information can be companywide or filtered by Organisation Unit. It supports Skype for Business On-Premises, online or Hybrid environments.

The links below to the web page goes in more detail on both the User Adoption Map and more generally how MAF ICIMS™ can be used by organizations to monitor and control Skype for Business User Adoption.


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The MAF InfoCom™ Sales Team