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Some Of Our Valued Customers


Every organization that communicates, benefits from the MAF InfoCom™ solutions. Therefore our users group is not only wide but also very diverse. A selection of users of solutions offered by MAF InfoCom™:

The use of the webbased tool is very nice. If you know how it works is you can find everything. Always the right rates, which is also demonstrated by questions and answers from our (not always easy) tenants. For questions and/or problems, there is always someone directly or within a few hours available responding and /or solving a problem.

Crown Business Centers / De Raad Vastgoed
Rob Zwier

At Municipality Zandvoort there was a need to clarify our accessibility. MAF InfoCom™ has been able to provide us this information so we could get good understanding. This made the Municipality aware and thus the accessibility is greatly improved. The monthly report delivery about our incoming traffic by MAF InfoCom ensures that attention is not weakened.

Gemeente Zandvoort
Evert-Jan Bronstring

The solution has many options. The online support for questions about specific reports is very pleasant.

Attent WWZ
Jilles de Jonge

Our experience with MAF InfoCom™ is very positive. Short lines, questions are quickly answered, and complaints or problems will result in fast action. For our new Business Center, we again have deliberately chosen the services of MAF InfoCom™.

Business Center Develpoort B.V.
Gert-Jan Onnink

The online service MAF InfoCom provides central insight into our call center data. The service is decorated with simplicity. It is, even without training, possible to generate complex reports from which large departments can be controlled. We use the service a few years now and make use of it every day.

VDZ Geldgroep
ICT Manager