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Microsoft Teams Call Queues and Auto Attendants Reporting

Reporting for Teams, Skype for Business and Office365

Skype for Business Response Groups Reports
The Microsoft Teams Call Queues and Auto Attendants Reporting is limited. Especially when you compare MAF ICIMS™ features to the Microsoft Teams reporting. With the extended reporting on Teams and O365 that MAF ICIMS™ offers you will be able to report however you want on Teams and 0365.


The Call Queues and Auto Attendants in Teams allow you to set up call routing to groups of users called Call Queue Agents. A Call Queue Agents can answer calls for one ore multiple Call Queues, a bit similar to Agents in Hunt Groups. MAF ICIMS™ allows to report on Call Queue Agents and offers reporting on the Microsoft Teams and Office365 Call Queues and Auto Attendants.
Furthermore MAF ICIMS™ offers you Teams User Adoption Reporting, Teams Call Quality Reporting, Teams Employee Productivity Reporting and Teams Call Costs Reporting as an essential element to the successful deployment and on-going use of Microsoft Teams.


Dashboard for Microsoft Teams
The Teams Dashboard gives you an overview of all Team calls (inbound, outbound, internal) Teams Call handling information, Teams Call Queues, Teams Employee Performance (including Teams Call Queues Agents and Auto Attendants), Teams User Adoption, Teams Gateways Summary, Teams Call Statistics, Teams Call Details, Teams Call Quality and much more. You can define the Dashboard for Teams totally to your own specific needs displaying only information which is relevant to you. You can choose the number of charts in the Teams Dashboard and apply filters to each chart. The layout can be easily resized and modified by dragging and dropping and unlimited Teams Dashboard layouts can be saved for different members or organizational levels of the organization. Teams reports can be made directly from clicking on the charts in the Teams Dashboard.


Office365 and Skype for Business Online reporting Dashboard

You can schedule every Teams and 0365 reports or run them an ad-hoc basis. There are many pre-defined Teams reporting templates and you can create your own Teams reports templates with the very intuitive Teams report generator making the Teams Reporting virtually unlimited. Every report can be generated in Word, Excel, PDF and CSV.


You can make your own Teams report layouts, with only information that you want to see.


Office365 and Skype for Business Online Report Designer


Once you use your newly created Teams Reports format in the Teams Report Builder it will only show you the data that you selected. You can filter and sorting criteria for example on date, time, call duration, ring time, call direction and cost but much more than that. You can also apply filters at organization level, for specific call queue or auto attendant , destination, gateways or SBC’s, IP Fields such as subnets and device details.


Office365 and Skype for Business Online Report Builder


As an ad-on to the Teams Dashboard MAF ICIMS™ also offers you very sophisticated Teams System Monitors giving you a clear, high level overview of how Teams is performing.


Office365 and Skype for Business Online System Monitor Reporting

The Teams Call Quality Monitor shows you the number of good and poor call quality calls. Also it will show you the number of active and inactive Teams users on the entire system.


Office365 and Skype for Business Online call quality reporting

If you need more detailed information about a Teams call we offer you the Teams Call Detail Monitor which allows you to quickly see detailed Teams Call Quality information. You can access the Teams Call Detail Monitor directly from the Teams Call Detail Dashboard Monitor. It shows you all legs of the Teams Call Queues and Auto Attendants including date, time, duration, ring time along and a map showing the legs of the Teams Call Queues.


Office365 and Skype for Business Online reporting call quality details



Teams Conferences Organized and Teams Conferences Attended displays all conferences that the selected employee has organized and those attended with details of date and start time, number of participants and duration.Clicking on a specific Conference will open the Conference Details in a new tab.


Office365 and Skype for Business Online reporting conference details

Some examples you can report on
Teams Reports can be sorted and filtered on a number of items like: agent, call queue, date, time, timeframe (minute, hour, day, week, month etc.), duration, total number, averages, average time, total time.


Microsoft Teams Call Queues and Auto Attendants Reports:
Teams Missed calls, Teams answered calls, disconnected calls after waiting time, Teams abandon calls (not answered, client hang up etc.), total number of calls per call queue, number of calls which reached Call Queues and Auto Attendants, average & total Call Queues and Auto Attendant talk time, quantity of calls which reached Call Queues and Auto Attendant main extension, quantity of Teams calls which were transferred from one queue to another, lost Call Queues and Auto Attendant calls etc.


Teams Call Queues Agent Call Center Reports:
Teams Agent Talk time, calls picked up by Teams Agent, logged in (time, duration), logged out (time, duration), available, unavailable, occupancy, agent status, talk time, customers waiting, transferred calls, answer speed, Speed of Answer (“ASA”), answered calls, queues, agents, longest wait, missed calls, abandoned calls, received calls, overflowed, ring time, talk time, Time on hold (before answer/drop),wait time, longest waiting time, % time on hold before answer or drop, wrap-up time (not ready time), call in, out, internal, busy time etc.
Teams IVR & Voicemail Reports:
Average, total time and # of recorded voicemail messages (quantity of voicemail messages recorded by customers), recorded calls, voice mail messages, IVR statistics, which options are chosen, option 1, option 2 etc.

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