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MAF ICIMS™ System Monitors en Call Detail Monitor


Skype for Business System Monitors


The System Monitors available with MAF ICIMS™ gives a graphical representation of consumption, user adoption and call quality over a user defined time period across the entire Skype for Business system.

Skype for Business Modality System Monitor

User Adoption is key to the success of Skype for Business deployment. The Modality System Monitor shows the total daily activity (Voice, Video, IM and App Sharing) across the entire system for a user defined date range.


MAF ICIMS Modality Monitor for Skype for Business

Individual modality totals can be seen by ‘mousing over’ the desired day or hour.


Skype for Business Call Quality System Monitor


Call Quality is another essential element for the successful delivery of Skype for Business. The Quality system monitor shows total number of ‘good’ quality calls and ‘poor’ quality calls. You can simply choose which to present in the graph yourself by simply selecting or deselecting Good and/or Poor below the graph. These criteria is in line with the Microsoft methodology of defining call quality. Users can specify the date range that the monitor will display.


MAF ICIMS Call Quality Monitor for Skype for Business



Further details can be seen at the top of the System Monitor. The User figure is taken from users enabled in the Skype for Business active directory. Inactive users are those users that have not made a call in last 30 days a call being defined as Audio, Video or IM this will give an indication of consumption. Today and Yesterday give total system volumes of calls (as previously defined).


Skype for Business User Figure


Skype for Business Call Detail Monitor


The MAF ICIMS™ Call Detail Monitor shows device and quality details for an individual call.
It is accessed from the Call Details dashboard which now has 2 new fields: Quality which can be either Good or Poor calls (Poor quality calls are highlighted in red) and a Detail icon


MAF InfoCom ICIMS Call Detail Monitor for Skype for Business

Clicking the detail icon opens the Call Detail Monitor on the Devices tab. The monitor displays Skype for Business Call from and Call to details including Name, Title, Org unit, Ext, Client type and Location. There is an overview of the call including Service type (Audio, Video, Conf, IM), Time of call, Ring time, Call duration, Call type (Completed or Abandoned), Quality rating (Poor or Good) and Disconnection details. The Map shows the geographical location of the legs of the call. Network details show Gateway, Network MOS, Avg. net MOS degradation, Avg. Jitter, Packets lost, Audio round trip and Ratio concealed samples avg.
The Devices tab at the bottom of the monitor shows From and To information on Client type, Client version, Connection type, VPN, Endpoint, IP Address, Reflexive IP Address, Subnet, Capture device and Render Device and Audio codec.


MAF ICIMS Call Detail Tab for Skype for Business

Switching to the Quality tab at the bottom of the monitor it is possible to see more quality details on the call; Conv. MOS, Network MOS, Min net MOS, Avg. net MOS degradation, Max net MOS degradation, Avg. Jitter, Max Jitter, Packets lost, Audio round trip, Ratio concealed samples avg. From and To information can be seen on Listen MOS and Send MOS



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