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Cradle to Grave Reporting

More insightful communication information

Skype for Business Response Groups Reports
The business is nothing without healthy communication facilities. That’s why cradle to grave reports from MAF InfoCom™ can be used to harvest more insightful communication information.


Cradle to grave reporting allows organizations to analyze calls from start to finish; it provides 360-degree insight.


The monitoring of cradle to grave reports maximizes communication technology investments, improve customer satisfaction, increase profit and above all reduce costs.
Effective use of cradle to grave reporting
Companies deploy call accounting software to analyze call activity, ring time, transfers, hold time, conference and talk time, including control misuse and abuse. Traditional call accounting metrics often fail to measure system performance needed in cradle to grave reporting. Effective use of cradle to grave reports from MAF InfoCom™ allows communication managers to maintain, fine tune or upgrade communication facilities. Most call centers would not be aware of system bottlenecks, hardware failures and incorrect call handling without cradle to grave reporting.


Cradle to crave reports useful?
For example, cradle to grave reports analyze call handling. Every customer contact, from the beginning to the end, can be traced. All call activity can be examined and verified. Between workforce management cradle to grave reports track call volumes, monitor efficiency and geographical distribution during business hours, seasonal changes and peak hours. It allows managers to address customer complaints, refine corporate policies and offer additional training.


Cradle to grave reporting is the answer for the following questions:


  • How many calls do we receive per day, per week, per month?
  • How many calls are answered and unanswered/missed?
  • How long is the ring time?
  • Where are calls transferred to when they leave a department?
  • Why are calls transferred from one department to another?
  • How many calls go to voice mail?
  • Who transferred a specific call to a department?


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Skype for Business Response Groups Reporting

Cradle to grave reports can be made by the following MAF InfoCom™ product:


MAF ICIMS™ Monitoring, UC Analytics and Reporting for (IP)PBX & Unified Communications


Codie brings AI to your Cradle to Grave Reporting
Something else MAF Infocom™ likes to tell! Using your Skype for Business IM chat Client you can ask Codie in plain English to run your reports and she makes them for you. Codie is the smartest member of the MAF InfoCom™ family.


MAF Infocom™ solutions are compatible with all leading PBX, IPPBX and Unified Communications systems from Microsoft®, Cisco®, Avaya®,Mitel®, Alcatel-Lucent®, Unify® and many others.


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