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What is MAF ICIMS™ and how can it help me?

Unified Communication and Collaboration Reporting and much more


What is it?

MAF ICIMS™ is a reporting and analytic solution for Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C platforms. It delivers business critical information through user defined reports, daily dashboards and trend monitors.


How can it help me?

In brief it gives you accurate, relevant information about your UC&C platform so you can make informed decisions. No more need for second guessing!


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Report on all your Unified Communications
MAF ICIMS™ reports on all your Unified Communications: Voice (in, out and internal including response groups, call queues and hunt groups), video, conferences, app sharing, file transfer and IM.


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Monitor Unified Communications Call Quality
In a Unified Communications environment often there can be concerns around the quality of voice, video and conference calls. MAF ICIMS™ gives comprehensive Unified Communications quality data that can be used for trouble shooting ensuring the highest levels of service delivery.




Adoption of a new platform needs to be closely and continuously monitored and managed. MAF ICIMS™ drives User Adoption of UC&C across an organization ensuring ROI and high-lighting areas for education and training.


A single pain of glass view of the multiple ‘working parts’ of a UC&C platform ensures they are being used as efficiently as possible. These include SIP trunks, devices, gateways and Session Border Controllers (SBCs).
MAF ICIMS™ enables you to see employee productivity metrics including number of answered and abandoned calls, ring-time and talk-time ensuring that calls are handled to a satisfactory level.




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MAF ICIMS™ is the perfect Telecom Billing Solutions both for internal Telecom Billing and external Telecom Billing. MAF ICIMS™ is a multi-tenant Telecom Billing Solution which allows you to do Telecom Billing based on office location, department, extension and/or user or any other hieratic level defined.



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Traditional needs don’t go away with Unified Communications. Call Management and Call Accounting is still an important part of Unified Communications reporting. MAF InfoCom™ Call Management and Call Accounting helps you understand where you can save money and provides insight in fixed, mobile and data services from different providers.



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