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Insight in wireline, wireless, voice and data

The diversity of providers and services in the European telecommunications market today makes it more and more complicated the gain and hold insight in the total cost of your telecom and data services.
MAF InfoCom™ provides insight in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of all your telecommunication and data services.
With MAF InfoCom™ you no longer need to use several separate stand-alone applications.  One user friendly solution gives you insight in your wireline, wireless, voice and data traffic and costs.
When changing provider you will never have to change the accompanying software application.
With other solutions necessary training and complexity are often stumbling blocks and therefore either the system is not used optimally (mutations omitted) or the total cost are no longer visible. In addition, making the desired reports over the different sources of information is often a time-consuming activity.
MAF InfoCom™ provides the solution and sends you the required reports at agreed intervals, provider independent. Reports can be submitted by organization, business unit, department or at employee level both incoming, outgoing as well as internal traffic for both fixed (subscriptions, infrastructure, service contracts) and variable costs (call charges, consumption).
MAF InfoCom™ processes information from invoices of wireline, wireless voice and data providers as well as the Call Detail Records (CDRs) from your (IP)PBX’s and UC platforms. It’s stores the information in a single database over which every desired report can be made.
Even if your organization has offices, divisions, departments and subsidiaries in different locations in different countries and your employees have a mix of fixed and mobile phones and subscriptions, MAF InfoCom™ provides insight on any level.