Client side voice recording for Skype for Business

Cost effective voice recording

MAF ICIMS™ is a simple to use, centralized voice recording solution for Skype for Business

Client side voice recording for Skype for Business


MAF UCR™ allows you to record calls from a Skype for Business client machine to a central location for playback and management. It is typically used for dispute resolution, training and to meet compliance requirements.

Skype for Business Voice Call Recording

MAF UCR™ is a simple to use, centralized voice recording solution for Skype for Business

MAF UCR™ Unified Communications Recorder is a client-side call recorder designed specifically for Skype for Business. It makes phone call recordings (voice recordings) of Skype for Business, Office 365, cloud PBX or hybrid architecture.

MAF UCR™ Skype for Business Unified Communications Recorder has an easy to use interface and is typically used for dispute resolution and training purposes. This cost-effective solution can be deployed as on-site installation or from our Cloud with database integration with MAF ICIMS™ if relevant. The dashboard graphically displays the volume of the recorded calls and the simple searching allows to quickly find and identify calls.

Call Recording Dashboard

Call recordings are available from the dashboard

Time: Time and date of call

Extension: Information on the initiating caller

Duration: Call duration

Participant: Information of the called number

Response Group: Response Group that picked up call (If relevant)

Information can be repositioned and filtering/search is available based on date range, extension, participant and Response Group

MAF UCR Skype for Business Voice Recorder
Why you will love MAF UCR™

Stacked With Features

  • Deployed on-premise or cloud
  • Can be integrated with MAF ICIMS™
  • Security policies allowing for role based access
  • Integration with AD
  • Response Group calls recorded
  • Dashboard view which graphically displays the volumes of recorded calls.
  • Simple search function allows quick retrieval and identification of calls.
  • Support for P2P and conference calls
  • Unlimited number of clients across multiple sites
  • Secure centralized call storage
  • Encrypted transfer of calls to central server
  • Manual pause and resume function for compliancy
  • Fast, simple and Automated Client Installation
  • Supports an unlimited number of clients
  • Supports also P2P and conference calls
  • Scalable from small businesses to global enterprises
  • Play or download talks in MP3 format
  • Secure file format to prevent altering
  • Supports multi-tenancy environments
  • Client recorded calls pushed to central database on completion
Designed specifically for Microsoft’s Skype for Business

Cost effective voice recording designed for dispute resolution, training and compliance purposes

All reports can be scheduled to run automatically or generated on a one-off basis. Delivery is typically via email or saved to disk and can be in a variety of formats such as Excel, PDF or CSV. Standard report templates are available or custom reports can be easily built to show user adoption, employee productivity, call quality, cost and more. It is easy to brand the reports with companies logo’s and color scheme.

MAF UCR™ will assist organizations with agent training, customer dispute resolution and for any compliancy requirements where financial details are being taken.

By recording and monitoring calls employees can be assured of the highest levels of training for call handling resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

Specifics of a call can be verified and disputes resolved quickly which also safeguards your employees from abuse.

It has an intuitive browser based interface with easy search and playback or calls can be downloaded in MP3 format.

The client installation is quick and can be automated with calls being stored centrally either to the Code Cloud or on customer severs.

More information?

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