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Telecom Invoice Management & Validation

It is simple. Telecom data goes in, make smart decisions and reduced costs get out.

MAF InfoCom™ will processes every bill and produces reports over any desired period. If desired MAF InfoCom™ also monitors the expiration dates per line, telephone number, mobile number or contract.

85% of all companies do not monitor their communications invoices and thereby miss 7 to 12% cost reduction. (Research has shown that 7% to 12% is billed in error.) Every year you receive hundreds to thousands of communications bills. Probably you simply pay them when they do not deviate more than 10% of the average.

Every day you lose money that we can help you save so easy. Start today with MAF InfoCom™ and stop unnecessary use of labor and repair your losses. MAF InfoCom™ delivers immediate and demonstrable results.

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