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Benchmarking = the comparison of quality and performance of an organization with those of other comparable organizations.
  • What should my telecom products and services costs from a standard point of view and what should these products and services cost compared with an organization of my size?
  • Are the discounts and guarantees competitive? What arrangements have equivalent organization made over this?
  • Are the offered service levels and solution to date?
Benchmarking is an essential part of Telecom Expense Management. Without it you enter the contract negotiations blind.
MAF InfoCom™ has unmatched knowledge and experience of the European telecom market to get the best out the next contract negotiations for you based on your benchmarking data.
Unique and more importantly MAF InfoCom™ provides independent advice. You will know for sure that our advices have your needs in the first place and are not coloured by kick back fee’s from providers.


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